In the booklet shown on the right, the mandate was to track and display visually data relevant to one’s daily life. This tracked metro usage, coffee intake, distance walked and other data recorded over a few months. I took a more comical approach to this project featuring some illustration work and a fake ID prominently shown on the front and back.

Document cover featuring an ID card


During about two months starting in September 2021, mundane things were tracked in order to be visualized in a booklet format to paint a picture of the author via their personal design style and visual communication skills using a certain set of graph types.


I went for a more pictographic approach to the project instead of relying on traditional graphs, inserting illustrations and iconography to give the project an almost hand-drawn look. I based the whole thing on a travel log, this is also the inspiration for the tongue-in-cheek Identification card front and back cover featuring odd data you wouldn’t usually see on IDs used in day-to-day life or travelling.

document back cover featuring an ID-card
Inner cover with type and a chair
Spreads featuring text and illustrations
Spreads featuring circular graphs

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