This document shows a possible approach toDawson College’s signage and wayfinding, going into a hypothetical system to navigate the campus.It displays proposals for the iconography used in the signage system as well as possible usage of he already established decision points around the school, adapted to this new direction.


In this, Dawson College is looking for a full revamp of it’s signage and wayfinding system to navigate its campus. there is a need to first, locate two specific decision points on campus, analyzing them to then make mockups of the proposed solution.The document must also delve into specific iconography such as but not limited to; restroom indicators, stairwells and escalator directions, elevator indicators, and destination panels that display crucial information such as room numbers, teachers names and more.

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I decided to pay homage to pictograph pioneer Gerd Arntz in this project, reinterpreting his designs from the 40’s into a contemporary counterpart, building upon his groundworks layed out during his extensive “Isotype” project. After modernizing these half-century-old icons and vectorizing them, I went around campus surveying students for confusing parts of the school that needed a signage revamp the most, I landed on the second floor’s D & E wing intersection and a section of theG wing also on the same floor. I made usage of the school’s tall walls and incorporated it as massive signage panels to help students navigate those problematic wings as well as strategically placed ceiling-hanging signage for the D & E wing

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