This poster was made for Austrian musician Fennesz’s (at the time) latest album, Agora. Agora features six tracks averaging over 10 minutes each, the washed out sound and raw instrumentals deeply affected both the typography and visual approach of this project.

A poster made of old newspaper from Kyoto beneath black typography


To promote his latest album release AustrianGuitarist Fennesz wanted a poster made which used uncanny design practices, such as mark making or collages. The poster was made to an A2 size to be displayed in metro stations and other publicity points in the metropolitan area of Montréal.


I ended up using some old newspaper from Kyoto, Japan, scanning it after destroying it, giving it an interesting organic grid to work the typography into. The Typographic glyph that was born from the poster was made to be adaptable into different contexts, even without the background it could stay interesting on its own.

A series of posters pasted on a beige wall behind a blue chair

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