This document encapsulates a new branding identity for Montreal-based clothing and accessory brand WANT LES ESSENTIELS from its new logo and its applications, professional stationery, possible retail location layout. The video below was made as an online equivalent to a traditional branding guidelines booklet.


WANT LES ESSENTIELS is looking for a rebrand that includes the creation of a new logo, reworking their professional stationery, their packaging and much more. This project has for an end goal to have a detailed overview of a branding proposal.The logo must be adequate for the company and adaptable into different medium due to WANTLES ESSENTIELS’ field of business ( textile, print, embossing, embroidery as well as digital and traditional print design)


After analyzing their current logo and identity I decided to capitalize on a rarely used icon/symbol of a walking character, I was inspired to create a minimal pictographic logo of a hand recreating the American Sign Language gesture for the word “want”, with the fingers placed in a way that created the letter W. I created in Blender, a room to animate a runway featuring hand-drawn walking characters, a callback to that pre-existing icon. The resulting animation can be viewed above and is a digital version of a physical branding document that was also produced.

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