This book project had, as a final goal, to paint a detailed portrait of fashion designer Rick Owens. The book itself was a large slab, featuring the absence of a traditional book spine, giving off an illusion that the book was a literal slab of paper topped by rough fabric-like plates acting as front and back covers.

A large brown book


The mandate was to create a coffee table book about a given person, it could have been anyone from a wide selection of visual artists, musicians, photgraphers, designers and many more. We only had to make a portion of the book given the smaller timeframe while still giving an overall feel of the finalized product and encapulate the given individual’s aesthetics and work in an engaging large print format.


After a lengthy research phase consisting of runway viewings, interview reading and clothing analyzing, I decided to go for a square 15 inches by 15 inches format to give the book an imposing aura. Alongside with the absence of spine the goal was to give it an uncanny yet minimal appearance like Rick Owens’ clothing. Around 40 pages were made for this book overall.

Book spreads featuring type and pictures of runway shows

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