This poster was made for the Dawson CollegeGraphic Design Program’s graduate student vernissage. It features experimental typography made from real bacterial cultures spelling out the word Panacea.

A poster depicting a petri dish with magenta typography spelling Panacea in bacterial cultures on top of a pink background.


The mandate of this project was to create a visually interesting poster to promote the vernissage of theGraphic Design graduates. The poster should be both topical to the graduates and well designed to illustrate the progress and finalization of the student’s training in the field of Graphic Design in the course of the last three years.


I went for an experimental typography approach, playing with the term “live type” and growing the type from bacterial cultures I grew on agar substrates in a home-made incubator in my basement. The term, Panacea has a few meanings but I wanted to focus on the two most relevant definition of it; A cure to any ills and diseases, and a general catch-all solution. These two definitions hold relevance to this graduating class, learning throughout the Global Covid-19 pandemic but also illustrating in a visual manner the student’s individual growth and touching on the “solution”aspect of the word Panacea. In this program we were taught how to find solutions to problems via graphic design. The growth of the the type took about 2 weeks to reach peak clarity.

Petri dishes filled with bacterial cultures

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